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Get to Know: Ale Adventures


We’re Adam and Katie, otherwise known as Ale Adventures. We’ve been invited by Running Tap to begin sharing our adventures through Minnesota’s craft beer scene here, so we thought we’d start off by introducing ourselves.

In November 2017, we decided to start a “beer adventure blog.” At the time, we were just beginning to explore Minnesota’s craft beer scene for ourselves and had no clue other people were already doing the same thing. If we’d known there were already so many beer blogs and social media accounts — locally and nationally — we may not have even bothered. But innocence played in our favor, and we dove in with gusto. Besides, another long and dreary Minnesota winter was starting to set in, and we had nothing better to do.

We began by visiting the little local breweries around us in Central Minnesota, places like Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake, Hayes’ Public House in Buffalo, Spilled Grain in Annandale and Beaver Island Brewing in St. Cloud. We found that we loved visiting new taprooms, meeting the people there and — of course — enjoying the beer. Along the way, we shared our experiences and stories on our blog and social media platforms. With our background in writing and photography, we really made an effort to set our content apart from all the other beer accounts. With taste so subjective, we also tried to shy away from beer critiques and reviews and instead really focus on the experiences and stories. It worked. Our following grew and people continued interacting and dialoguing with us.

It’s been nearly a year since we kicked off Ale Adventures. Our ultimate goal is to visit all of Minnesota’s taprooms and brewpubs, which is an ever-growing task. At time of writing, we’ve been to about half of the 170 give or take, and there are several more breweries on the way that we know of. We’ve also allowed ourselves some freedom to explore the craft beer scene beyond Minnesota, with several North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and even European breweries under our belt. You can check out our interactive ale adventures map below.

Beer aside, we’ve been married since July 2017. Adam is a radio DJ in St. Cloud, and Katie is an actress; by day she works in a clinic as a doctor’s and office assistant and will probably write a play about it one day about the crazy and ridiculous things she deals with. We have awful puppy fever but can’t seem to agree on a dog. So until we can, we drink and blog. Feel free to join us on Facebook, Instagram or at our blog, or continue to follow Running Tap for a more in-depth look at Minnesota’s craft beer scene. And if you ever see us at a taproom sometime, come say hi!

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