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Support local. Drink better.

It’s our motto, our belief. We believe in supporting local businesses, by drinking local beer!

Better beer. Delivered.

If you drink craft beer, you are aware that great beer is fresh, locally-made, and comes from small-batch brews. We, at Running Tap, aim to bring you great beer, from breweries around the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro, to your door. Place your order online and our delivery team will pick it up fresh from the taproom and bring it to your door.


From ordering beer online, to starting a taproom delivery service, to finding a sense of meaning and purpose in the service of people.

It all started with two college buddies working late and trying to get beer delivered. Surprised at the hoops they had to jump through, and finding that none of their favorite local brews were available online.

This set them on a journey of discovery, talking to local brewers and beer experts, learning about the laws that regulated the sale of beer, and wondering if there was a smarter way to buy better beer.

Six long months later, Running Tap was born, Minnesota’s first taproom delivery service – letting customers buy fresh local craft beer, directly from brewers.


As the saying goes, “Do what you love, because that is the best way to leave a positive impact in the world.”  We are in pursuit of just that, contributing to and supporting our local communities by drinking local beer!

Our partnered breweries mostly buy locally grown ingredients to make the beer we drink, that money goes back to our communities. I believe that small businesses, along with the people, are what shape and make sustainable and resilient local economies. More importantly, decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impact of those decisions. Running Tap needs to be a part of that force that strengthen and grow our local communities.

-Founder, Isaac Tut

Localism means different things to different people, but for us, it is about building healthier and more sustainable communities. In an ever growing community, we have found meaning and purpose in being a part of strengthening the communities in and around the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro. In fact, we believe it’s something deeper, something that should resonate on a much more personal level than just drinking beer. Beer just happens to be the vehicle that we use to get to the means.

Support local. Drink better. Simple as that.