Do I need an account to place an order?2018-06-11T23:20:24+05:00

YES. But you don’t need an account for your 1st order.

It’s easy. Just go through the checkout process, and when you complete your order, an account will be automatically created for you. Your user name will be your email and a password will be sent to your email.

That was easy. But go change the password to something that is easier to remember.

What is Running Tap?2018-05-30T19:42:05+05:00

Running Tap is Minnesota’s first taproom delivery service. Place your order online and our delivery team will pick it up fresh from the taproom and bring it to your door.

How is this possible?2018-05-30T19:47:48+05:00


When you order from us, you’re buying directly from the local breweries we partner with. Breweries pay for our service, and you just pay for delivery. Which is how our prices are NEVER marked-up.

Is beer more expensive through Running Tap?2018-05-30T19:47:07+05:00

No. We NEVER mark-up our prices.

Beer from us will never cost more than it does at the tap-room. Quite often, we are able to offer deals on bundles that aren’t available anywhere else! You can find these deals in our sales collection.

Scheduled Pick-Up2018-05-30T19:46:35+05:00

Customers can now pickup from our downtown office and save on delivery fees! Simply picking the date that you’d like to pick-up your beers, and we’ll have them ready for you!

Customers can pickup anytime between 5pm – 7pm, at the Running Tap Offices167 James Ave. N. unit #100, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

What’s Running Tap’s Delivery Area?2018-05-30T19:53:01+05:00

Running Tap delivers within 20 driving miles of downtown Minneapolis. If you want to check, just add any product to your cart, go to the ‘Cart’ page and enter in your zip code!

How Does Delivery Work?2018-05-30T19:54:11+05:00

You simply choose a 2 hour time slot, Tuesday to Sunday, and our delivery team will deliver it at that time.

What is the Delivery Fee?2018-05-30T19:54:59+05:00

Delivery fee varies according to delivery distance. Your fee will depend on how far your delivery is from downtown Minneapolis.

Less than 10 miles: $3.50
11 miles to 15 miles: $5.98
16 miles to 18 miles: $7.98
18  miles to 20 miles: $15.50Free delivery for orders above $65

While the charges may seem steep, please bear in mind that we NEVER mark up prices! The delivery charge is only to cover the cost of the driver so that they can deliver your beers on time!

What Happened to On-Demand?2018-05-30T19:55:53+05:00

We previously offered an on-demand delivery option that would deliver to customers who want their beer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as we expanded the number of breweries we work with, we are no longer able to deliver within a 90 minute timeframe.
We are currently working on a new system of delivery to bring on-demand back! Please be patient, and send all words of encouragement to info@running-tap,com.

Will I Need an ID to Accept Delivery?2018-05-30T19:57:57+05:00

Yes.Upon delivery, you may be asked to produce your ID matching the credit card used to make the purchase.Our delivery person will scan your ID with their phone and ask for you to sign on their phone. 

What If I Miss the Delivery?2018-05-30T19:58:45+05:00

Our drivers will send you a text to notify you once they are on the way. However, we understand sometimes life happens. Your first missed delivery is on us – you’ll have the option to reschedule the delivery for anytime within the next week.

Our Philosophy2018-05-28T01:52:40+05:00

‘Drink Better. Support Local.’

It’s what we believe in. We believe great beer is fresh, locally-made, small-batch brews.
Better beer. Delivered.
Do you Delivery on Sundays?2018-06-11T23:07:18+05:00

We use to, we might bring it back if there is enough demand for it.

As we expand the service, we will add more and more days to the service, so be sure to let us know which day you would like for us to add.

How Much Beer am I Getting?2018-05-30T20:00:24+05:00

1x 64oz growler = 4 pints

1x 750ml growlette/crowler = 1x wine / liquor bottle

What Do you Mean Fresh?2018-05-30T20:01:11+05:00

We mean fresher than any macro-brew you find on tap or in the store.

Our beers arrive in your hands after a short trip directly from the brewery. Exactly as The Almighty and the brewer intended.

Growler Return Credits?2018-05-30T20:01:53+05:00

Starting March 1st, simply give your empty Growlers to your Running Tap delivery driver to receive credit towards future orders!   Each individual Growler is worth a $5 credit, and each Growlette a $4 credit.

Which Breweries’ Growlers Can I Return?2018-05-30T20:02:49+05:00

We are only able to accept Growlers from breweries we work with.

How Do I Know If a Product Comes in a Growler or Growlette?2018-05-30T20:03:57+05:00

All products that come in a return-eligible Growler or Growlette will include the glass deposit fee in their product details page, and that deposit fee will already be included in the product price.

How Does it Work?2018-06-24T03:12:49+05:00

Step 1. If your beer comes in a return-eligible growler or Growlette, the glass deposit is listed and included in the product price.

Step 2. Return them with your next order to get glass credits! Your delivery driver will pick them up, and exchange them for one glass credit per Growler or Growlette.

Step 3. Then simply use your glass credits to save on your next order!


i. Not all 64 Oz. growlers are $5, and not all 750 ml Growlettes are a $4 deposit, some are more, others are less. However for our drivers’ sakes, we offer the same glass coupon amount regardless.

Sometimes you will get more than you paid originally, and sometimes, you’ll get less. We think that’s fair, we hope you do too.

ii. Pryes Growlers, 56 Brewing Growlers/Growlettes and Freehouse Growlettes are not eligible for returns. This is because neither of them charge a glass deposit fee. However Pryes does offer a discount if you bring it back to their taproom. It’s very nice of them, we know.

What If Something Goes Wrong With My Order?2018-05-30T20:05:51+05:00

We aim to provide a first-class customer experience to all our customers. However accidents do happen. If anything is wrong with your order, please contact us.

Email: orders@running-tap.com

Facebook Chat: Button on the bottom right

General Line: 612-567-2779.