Wabasha Brewing

Cathedral Vanilla Porter


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Out of stock

porter | 4.1% ABV | -% IBU


Dark roasted and chocolate malt gives this porter hints of coco and coffee. The addition of vanilla bean make it incredibly smooth and drinkable.


Wabasha Brewing

We strive to provide quality, smooth, and easy-drinking craft beers for every palate and every occasion. We’ve got a beer for everybody at Wabasha Brewing Company! It is rare that you have a few too many and wake up the next day with the same passion and drive for the stupid idea you had with your friends the night before. But with the details lacking, passion still prevalent, and a vague framework still in place, that typical afterthought became the vision of Wabasha Brewing Company. Apparently, the best ideas do come eight beers in!

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64 Oz. (Glass Deposit: $5)