Deflated New England Lager

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Deflated New England Lager


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New England Lager | 6% ABV | -% IBU


Flavor: Wheat breadyness, clove, banana bread, apple and pineapple fruits.


Town Hall Brewery

Brewing in Minneapolis well before the craft beer wave; Town hall opened its doors 14 years before the iconic “Surly Bill” passed state legislation. The brewpub located in Minneapolis’s West Bank brews beers of all styles and has been greatly recognized winning a Minnesota record 14 Great American Beer Festivals medals. Town Hall always a rotation unique brews on tap, each week you are likely to find something new. As a brewpub Town Hall does not have the ability to distribute cans or bottles, instead you’ll find all of Town Hall’s beers only available in the tap room.

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750 ml (Glass Deposit: $4)