Fair State

Dorado Gold IPA


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Brett IPA | 5% ABV | 28% IBU


Brewed exclusively with El Dorado hops, this dry-hopped IPA is fermented with a combination of Saccharomyces Trois and Brettanomyces. Fruity, funky, and hoppy.

– Brewer
Brettanomyces is a bacteria reminiscent of goats, it is known to eat everything (interestingly? is also a flavor commonly attributed to Brett beers). As a result of Bretts’ ability to consume any sugars, it leaves behind a unique set of molecules which leaves a beer tasting some what barn yard like? and very dry. The characteristics of Brett are in the forefront of Dorado Gold. The aroma is hay-like and almost musty; like opening the door to a barn in the Fall. The flavor is similar to the aroma but more intense and funky.


Fair State

Opened in September 2014, Fair State is the first brewery in Minnesota to use a cooperative business model, and only the third in the country. The brewery is actually owned by coop members. Members enjoy voting rights, the opportunity to serve on the cooperative board of directors, special discounts and beer release access, and a number of other perks. The art gallery-like taproom features a large number of rotating taps, including the tasty, sour, LÄCTOBÄC series beers.

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