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Imperial Milk Stout


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Imperial Milk Stout | 9.5% ABV | 30% IBU


A traditional creamy and velvety milk stout with a hidden boozy kick. This Imperial Milk Stout – On Nitro features rich coffee notes blended together with dark chocolate and vanilla. The addition of lactose creates a well-balanced malt forward beer allowing a sweetness on the palate. It’ll leave you with a feeling of serenity.


Day Block

To pay homage to the rich milling history of Minneapolis, Day Block Brewing takes its name from Leonard Day. In 1883 Day built what would be called the Day Building, where Day Block now brews its always fresh beers. Day Block Brewing honors the previous businesses and the hardships they faced with the mantra “Blood, sweat, tears (and now beers)”. To provide their customers with the freshest and best quality beer and food Day Block receives all their ingredients from locally sourced farms, like it was done back in the times of Leonard Day.

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750 ml bottle