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IPA | 6.2% ABV | 60% IBU


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Dry, pale, and aroma-forward American IPA brewed with wheat malt and Horizon, Chinook, Crystal, Cascade, Simcoe, and Centennial hops.

IPA brewed w/malted wheat and six varieties of hops

– Brewer
IPAs brewed with wheat have unique characteristics which classic barley dominated IPAs lack. Too often adding wheat is a head and body game, the extra protein in wheat malt creates a fuller almost fluffy body and the head gets an extra boost of sustaining foam. But wheat also impacts the flavor of beer as well, of course. Wheat contributes a sweetness factor very different from what you would expect from your kilned and caramel malts. The sweetness is lighter and more subtle, noticeable in this IPA. The fruity hoppiness combines with the sweetness of the wheat malt to create a spectacular slightly toasted wheat bread and apricot jam illusion. Of course the beer is still an IPA so there is apparent bitterness in the forefront and after taste, but unlike other IPAs the bitterness is well rounded and does not deter from the unique flavor profile.
– Cicerone


Fair State

Opened in 2014, Fair State Brewing Cooperative is the third-oldest cooperative brewery in the country. They have built a reputation on crisp lagers and unique sours while maintaining a wide range of brews. Based in Northeast Minneapolis, Fair State Brewing Cooperative operates with a strong emphasis on community through volunteerism, fundraising, and the democratic involvement of nearly 1,400 members.

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