The Freehouse

No. 28 Coconut Chai Stout


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Coconut Chai Stout | 5.9% ABV | 20% IBU


Black ale; sweet coconut milk balances chai tea spices; rich chocolate and roasted malt flavors; creamy, medium body; lingering coconut and chai flavors


The Freehouse

There are other brewpubs, taprooms and bars that serve only one brand of beer. But we are not that. We serve our beer side-by-side with that of our competition, with the belief that the quality and selection of our ingredients and the care and craft of our brewmaster shines through in every batch we brew and every pint we pour. Similarly, our hand-crafted cocktails are created with a keen attention to detail using only the freshest of ingredients. It’s this commitment and love for what we do at The Freehouse that makes it worthy of your selection. So raise your glass, enjoy your food, and savor a little taste of freedom.

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750 ml