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Farmhouse Ale | 6% ABV | 30% IBU


For hundreds of years in Belgium, farmers would assemble whatever fruits and grains they had leftover in the fall to make a beer for their workers in the spring. They would produce a Saison each year, keeping it on the lighter side to ensure their workers thirsts were properly quenched, while maintaining their productivity. Each years Saison would be unique, incorporating orange peel, barley, oats, wheat and perhaps a touch of rye. Our Belgian-style farmhouse ale is brewed with a hint of orange peel to deliver the kind of strategic refreshment you need after a long hot day laboring on a Belgian farm. Or a sultry afternoon by your favorite Minnesota lake.


Boom Island Brewing

Boom Island has one of the most interesting background stories out there- the founders met as French horn players who left the orchestra to pursue their next creative venture as brewers. The entire family got involved to construct the OG brewery and equipment, and their dedication comes through in the beer. Before opening, hubby and head brewer, Kevin, took an adventure across the pond to brew side by side with the Belgian pros and brought back the best kind of souvenir: yeast strains he uses to this day to make the beer we know and love. Known For: True Belgian style beers and limited releases you’ll want to get your hands on.

  • 64 Oz.
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64 Oz.