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Minute Man IPA


NE IPA | 6.6% ABV | 45 IBU


A hazy, juicy IPA with the aroma of a hopped up IPA, but without the harsh bite. Loaded with hops with citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Mouth feel is full bodied and creamy. Inspired by Cory Whitmer #69 and Nate Dixon #93.

– Brewer


Broken Clock

A brewery owned by the community, where members are able to vote on what beer styles are brewed and what should be made available. Broken Clock’s focus is on the community and its members who share the brewers passion for brewing fun and unique styles. In fact the name Broken Clock reflects their dedication to the community, to quote founding member Jeremy Gharineh in a Growler Magazine article “Broken Clock is a place where time stands still and community happens”.


  • 64 Oz.
  • 750 ml

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64 Oz., 750 ml