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    Road Rash

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    Dry Apple | 6.6% ABV | - IBU Freshly pressed Midwestern apples brewed with a touch of caned sorghum then infused with whole macerated lemons.
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    Cucumber Habanero Apple | 6.4% ABV | 0 IBU Burn Out sets ablaze the conventions of cider by spicing up a blend freshly pressed Midwestern apples with freshly macerated habanero peppers and cucumber. The spicy nose, followed by the cool flavor of fresh cucumber transitions to just enough lingering heat to send you back for another sip.Â
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    Australian IPA | 6.8% ABV | 65 IBU An Aussie-style IPA, though probably a higher gravity than they would have down under. Hoppy light bitter and dry. Definitely more similar to what we consider to be a session IPA on this side of the pond, but with that elegant Australian hop aroma and dryness. Â
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      Hopped Apple | 6.7% ABV | 0 IBU   Hop-A-Wheelie starts with the same freshly pressed Midwestern apple blend that forms the backbone of our Freewheeler Dry. Then to show off a bit we pile on a half pound per barrel of Cascade, Chinook, and Golding hops. The result is a bone-dry citrus bomb of grapefruit, orange peel and lemon grass that will leave your mouth watering. Â
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      Scrumpy Apple | 6.3% ABV | - IBU   Training Wheels steps back to a simpler time when ciders went unfiltered and you couldn’t fall off your bike no matter how many you had. This freshly pressed blend of Midwestern apples is hazy with sediment and sweet with unfermented apple sugars in a throwback to the ciders of the colonial era. Â
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    Dry Apple | 6.4% ABV | - IBU Freewheeler blends the Midwest’s finest freshly pressed apples with a touch of lightly hopped cane sorghum. The result delivers more mouth feel, more bright acidity and more effervescence than most cider… never too sweet and always a refreshing alternative to great craft beer.